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Universal Importer

No connector available for your favorite data source, yet? Our smart importer can manually extract and load data in a broad array of formats.

3rd Party Data Analysis

Power-up your 3rd party data analysis tools with EDGE10 data via our Data-as-a-Service and Restful API.

Social and News

Build a truly holistic view of athlete wellness with social and news monitoring.

Apple Health

Apple Health offers a centralised hub on iOS devices for wearables and apps, providing data for daily activity, nutrition, weight, sleep and more.

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Manage High Performance Strength Programs with BridgeAthletic. Centralise and analyse your data within EDGE10.


Catapult offers the cutting edge in GPS tracking technology, providing organisations with the loading data they need to optimise performance.

Elite Form

Elite Form 3D Camera technology gives elite programs the cutting edge in athlete workout monitoring, velocity based training protocols and analysis.

Excel Import

Push data from external sources located in Excel files directly into EDGE10, using our Excel Import Tools.

Fatigue Science

The SAFTE Fatigue Model and Readiband wearable device help organizations manage human sleep and fatigue, to improve safety, health and performance.


Fitbit covers the basics with its range of wearable devices and app, providing data for daily activity, nutrition, weight, sleep and more. 

Google Fit

Google Fit offers a centralised hub on Android devices for wearables and apps, providing data for daily activity, nutrition, weight, sleep and more. 

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Groinbar facilitates a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hip strength and imbalance.


GymAware is the gold standard Linear Positional Transducer (LPT with angle measurement) for measuring performance, implementing Velocity Based Training and monitoring power.


HealtheAthlete offer an efficient means of capturing athlete medical records in a centralised data storage infrastructure. 

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Kinexon offer cutting-edge Radio Technology to deliver precise Athlete Loading and Tactical Performance data.


Mindbody, a booking system for any High Performance department, provides the tools to ensure resources are allocated and managed effectively. 


The NordBord facilitate a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance.


Omegawave provides the tools to make informed training and game-day decisions based on objective data regarding the Cardiac, Autonomic and Central Nervous systems.

Second Spectrum

Second Spectrum lead the way in the collection of optical tracking data for Elite Sport, offering Teams key performance insight.


STATSports GPS technology is a market leader in Athlete performance tracking, providing vital data collected during training and on game day.


TeamBuildr provide an excellent tool for both centralised and decentralised teams looking to effectively plan and manage High Performance Strength Programs.  

Team Works

Teamworks is a powerful collaboration and operations platform that keeps your entire organisation moving forward.

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Training Peaks

Training Peaks are a leader in Endurance Sport, providing expert guidance, workout planning and performance tracking.

Visual Coaching

Visual Coaching gives coaches the tools to quickly access thousands of exercises and stretches to create stunning training program in seconds. 

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